Green initiatives for the future

Greentech Innovators identifies needs in the market and collaborates with research communities, innovators and industry to develop solutions for circular bio economy. Our initial focus is on the reuse of organic waste through fermentation. The fermented organic waste will be used as fertilizer for microalgae cultivation in our daughter company AlgaePro AS. The microalgae will be used as an omega 3 rich feed supplement for aquaculture. We have teamed up with BIR, one of Norway’s major waste management companies, to develop a complete circular economy value chain, where they will source the organic waste. In addition, they represent an important knowledge partner and investor for us.



Waste streams have the potential of becoming the most important resources on the planet. Biowaste is one of the main focus areas for Greentech Innovators, and we work towards establishing partnerships for production and utilization of Biofertilizers created from Biowaste sourced from Food Waste, Aquaculture, and Sewage treatment.

Industrial Side Streams

Sustainable industries are key players within the world working working towards UNs sustainable development goals . In Greentech Innovators we focus on the industries related to Norway; Aquaculture, Petroleum, Smelteries and Minerals, and Waste Management.

Circular Bio-economy

Greentech Innovators aim to become a leader in Circular Bio-economy, turning Biowaste and Industrial Side Streams into valuable resources for food and feed production. At the same time we will reduce emission of greenhouse gases from organic waste in landfills and from industry.



Greentech Innovators AS, Pagarete Microalgae Solutions and the University of Lisbon, participate in the DoMAR project. (Development of Microalgae Advanced Resources. 2021-2022). Together we will develop and implement efficient and sustainable technology that can supply the market with low-cost microalgae biomass.

Pilot Fermentation Plant at BIR Bedrift - Flesland

Greentech Innovators will receive a 2,7 MNOK Environmental Technology Scheme Grant from Innovation Norway to build a pilot plant for fermentation of food waste for sustainable protein production (2020-2021).


Our Partners

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