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Food production is challenging. It requires thousands of working hours, liters of water, and acres of land. One-third of the food goes to waste annually releasing 3.3 billion tonnes of CO2 into the atmosphere.


Today's solutions give useful products like energy, organic fertilizer or biogas, but at the same time high value nutrients are lost.

What if we could use the food waste in the production of novel feed ingredients?

In Greentech Innovators we release the nutrients from the food waste and turn them into proteins and omega-3 rich microalgae. We are upcycling food waste to high value feed.


Upcycling food waste into valuable nutrients

A highly wasteful food system

Our food system is highly wasteful. Landfills and incineration practices have high carbon footprint, while solutions like composting and biogas are not optimal in terms of the nutrient value that lies in the waste.

At the same time a growing population will increase the global demand for food and protein. Increasing demand for scarce resources like fish meal and fish oil has been on the rise. 

Redefining today's food waste management

Greentech Innovators develops and implements new methods of food waste management. We combine fermentation technology with the magic of microorganisms and recycle biowaste into a culture medium suitable for microalgae cultivation. The microalgae can be commercialized as an omega 3-rich feed additive for aquaculture. 

Microalgae are locally sourced with low-carbon footprint and good nutritional value. 

Our products


Fertilizer for microalgae

Fertilizer for soil


The markets


Salmon feed


Shrimp feed


Livestock feed

Image by Daniel Fazio

Organic fertilizer

Image by Garvit

Fertilizer for microalgae


CEO Ingmar Høgøy

We use vast resources of land, water, and energy to produce our food,

in order to throw 1/3 of it in the garbage can to light it up in smoke and polluting water and air.

Let´s revive it into valuable nutrients instead!

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