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Our Value Chain

Enables local streams of resources

A strong and sustainable value chain is the foundation of both circular economy and our business model.

Food waste

Uneaten food, unsold food, and by-products from food production. Food waste is produced by each one of us every day all year. The food waste shall be sorted in a separate bag closed for spillage and marked as with a special colour. The food waste is gathered by the local renovation company and transported to a nearby processing facility.



We are now at our processing facility. The food waste is pre-treated with care to ensure good quality. We now have a substance ready to be fermented.



Greentech applies a low carbon technology to release the valuable nutrients in the waste and prepares a culture medium suitable for growing microorganisms.

Microalgae cultivation

The growth medium is used to cultivate microalgae that contain

high-quality sustainable protein and omega-3 fatty acids


The microalgae are now ready to be sold as nutrients to feed additives

 to aquafeed livestock feed producers.

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