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Ingmar Høgøy

Founder & CEO

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Founder & CEO. Extensive experience working with waste management in the aquaculture industry. Has worked in almost every part of the value chain in the aquaculture industry. Founded several successful aquaculture feed companies.. Educational background in chemical engineering, business, and strategic leadership.  

In the 80s he worked with solutions for handling the growing amounts of by-products in the salmon industry. Since then, he´s been developing new products and processes to optimize the potential of the by-products and waste. Now a days, refined and processed waste from the fisheries and aquaculture are big industries in Norway and the waste is well reused.
Ingmar has adopted this experience and waste management into the food waste space. “Some years ago, I was commuting between Austevoll and Bergen often passing trucks with food waste arriving at the local incineration plant.” This is poor utilization of valuable resources, which can be as useful as the waste from aquaculture. “We use vast resources of land, water, and power to produce our food within order to throw 1/3 of it in the garbage can so that we can light it up in smoke.” With Greentech’s waste management solutions the food waste can be converted into nutrients for feed, fertilizer, and mi

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